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Cities are zones of production as well as gateways for the circulation of goods. Manufacturing firms have to carry out their operations in an urban environment while coping with challenges of space, a spread out vendor base (as opposed to concentration of vendors in an Industrial park) and environmental regulations. Expansion of a manufacturing company within an urban setting has typically meant establishing a new unit leading to a multi-unit set up. This has added to the complexity of their supply chains.

Common Problems

  • Limited visibility on materials in transit
  • Congestion at limited delivery bays because of multiple vendors used by suppliers.
  • Sub-optimal usage of capacity if relying on contracted trucks for intra-city movement. Reliance on manual trip sheet.
  • No visibility on the loading and unloading times to identify inefficiencies.

The Fallout

  • Sub-optimal usage of resources like personnel, labour & space.
  • Delays in production due lack of visibility and planning of inbound material
  • Higher effective payout for contracted trucks.
  • High cost of supervision (non value add).
  • High cost of freight bill auditing.

How we can help you

Reliable intra-city movement

Real-time tracking of goods will allow the manufacturers to be in control of their intra city supply chains.

Loading/ Bay Visibility

InstaOFMTM gives you complete visibility on the availability of loading/delivery bays for better planning and resource allocation.

Digital documentation

All information is available on an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface with very little prior training necessary, making the medium cost and time-effective.

Enhanced transparency

Real time connect with shippers helps to improve the demand, visibility, and earnings for truckers and allows shippers to correct possible pitfalls ahead of time.

Pass through billing

Transparent, Pass-through billing to ensure minimal change in economics for the Shipperss while transfer of incremental cost to trucker.



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