Integrated cloud based platform
for the trucking ecosystem

What does InstaOFMTM do?

Instavans Order and Fleet management platform is your one stop solution to manage all your on field assets and movements in real time. It facilitates the creation of orders for Shippers and 3PLs, with the availability of single and multiple pickup and drop options. Also available are a plethora of options for labour choices, documents, different vehicle types and rate structures. To further drive efficiency and asset utilisation, InstaOFMTM offers the option to switch over on-field assets to Instavans (an on demand platform) to be used in Intra-city movements for other shippers. This leads to higher earnings for 3PLs and fleet owners.


Instavans, through extensive research over the past 2 years of service in the Indian Subcontinent, has identified certain major bottlenecks which impede the performance of the whole system almost invariably always.

  • Congestion at limited number of loading/delivery bays due to poor planning and no timely insights.
  • Limited visibility of assets in transit.
  • Current GPS tracking systems only give the location of the asset but not the “state” (loading, unloading etc.)
  • Minimal data reliability to draw useful insights from day to day operations.
  • Sub Optimal usage of asset capacity.
  • High expenditure on Intra-city and Inter-city movement
  • Issues in fleet management and tracking.

InstaOFMTM Features